The integrated Rule-Oriented Data System (iRODS) is an open-source data management software in use at research organizations and government agencies worldwide. The data grid infrastructure allows distributed data to be viewed, shared and managed as a single collection, with support for metadata and discovery. The technology also provides a powerful framework for implementing distributed data management policies.

RENCI’s Role

RENCI leads the effort to develop and support a production deployments of iRODS. This enterprise edition of  iRODS focuses on providing hardened binary distributions with dynamic configurability and extensive unit, functional, regression, and system-level testing to assure reliability of the software.

The iRODS team at RENCI collaborates with the larger iRODS development community, led by the Data Intensive Cyber Environments (DICE) group at UNC-Chapel Hill’s School of Information and Library Science. The enterprise release of iRODS (iRODS 3.0) is the first open source release of iRODS software overseen by the iRODS Consortium, an alliance of organizations working together to fund and guide the continued development of the iRODS platform. The new release is feature compatible with the community version of iRODS 3.0 and includes bug fixes from  iRODS 3.1 and 3.2.


  • Partners
  • Data Intensive Cyber Environments (DICE) group, UNC Chapel Hill

Project Team

  • Charles Schmitt (project lead)
  • Leesa Brieger
  • Jason Coposky
  • Brand Fortner
  • Harry Johnson
  • Terrell Russell
  • Michael Stealey
  • Lisa Stillwell
  • Michael Shoffner


Read more about the features of iRODS 3.0 here and download the software at